Girly drinks aka: Post-Mexico strip 2

I've since come out as trans, so this was during a rather confusing period of my life. Like, if y'ever needed a sign....

I'll leave the text below unedited though :)
There is... very little exaggeration in this strip :P. I did indeed take advantage of the fact that I'd be over 3000 km's from home, and going under the theory of 'what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico', ordered at least one of any girly drink that I knew the name of, JUST to see what the hell it actually tasted like. Turns out the only one I knew the name of was a Pina Colata... which my brother gave to me the second we got into the lobby on day 1 anyway, and a Cosmopolitan. I had to turn to asking all the girls the names of girly drinks to test out :P.

Turns out the Cosmo, which damn near everyone has heard of, is 'meh' at best to me. The Pina Colata was decent, and something called the 'Dirty Monkey' was absolutely amazing. The Sunrise Tequila was pretty good, as was the Miami Vice. A variety of others were 'meh' or I downright didn't like. But in all actuality, the vast, vast majority of my drinks were the Mojito. Sweet damn, they've got fresh mint and lime, so those were phenominal. And since it was an all-inclusive trip, I put away a fair number of them. Surprisingly, nobody of the group ever had a hangover, despite us all having drank like fish :P.

Another added thanks to Sepharos for helping with the idea for this strip.

Kabs, girlfriend, whatup? Haven't seen you in like... foerver and a day.
Just got back from a big trip. Far away, warm, tons of drinks... it was epic.
Asshole, drinking somewhere else...
I said 'what can I get you'?
Oh, uhh... gimme a Piña Colata?
Sure, I- wait, what?
I mean a Cosmopolitan. Or, err... no, a strawberry daiquiri. Wait... tequila. Yeah.
Umm... by any chance did you spend your entire trip ordering nothering but girly drinks that, as a guy, you can never ever order where you live?
NO! NEVER! Give me tequila. I would NEVER drink those delicious, delicious, sweet drinks.
*sniff* I'll miss them so much...

Lol, the days before I came out as trans.

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