He knows the score

You may want to check back here if you're a bit confused.

A little while later
Ugh... this is taking FOREVER! Are you SURE you know where you're going?
What part of 'way the hell off' didn't you catch back there? We're WAY THE HELL OFF!
Y'know, you're being REALLY ballzy for a minion. You DO know who I am, right?
The chick who was lost, and has basically NO way of finding Mother Brain without my help?
Hey, I... ok, technically that's true... but still, I could get ANY other minion instead of you.
How's that working out for you so far? If you're not killing minions before they can help, they lead you down some trail and lose you. Word about you gets around you know. MAN that Sidehopper was laughing his ass off for like... a week after that.
And then I saved you!
Not helping there, Kraid.

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