Ground rules

Ok, well... first, HOLD UP A SECOND, you cocky little shit. We're going to have to lay some ground rules here.
Oh, THIS should be good. What's on your mind?
Ok, I'm a big enough girl to admit when I actually need help most of the time. Now... can I assume that you ACTUALLY want Mother Brain gone, and ACTUALLY want to keep being alive?
That'd be the end goal. I DO like existing, and I DO hate Mother Brain's... overlordery.
Ok then, so here's the deal. You don't antagonize me so that I don't accidentally kill you in a fit of rage...
She totally would, too. MAN if I had a drink for every time I've seen her fly into a fit of unfathomable rage...
Yeah thanks. And in return... I tell you the secret to staying alive significantly longer.
Hmm... interesting. However, how can I trust you?
Because in telling you this, I'm forced to trust YOU. You ABSOLUTELY CANNOT tell ANY other minion of this. This is to save YOU, NOT any others. This doesn't protect you from ME, but from another danger that few are aware of.
Well, you're building it up nice. Whatcha got?

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