Let's do this thing

And now we're getting somewhere.

Quiet, Kraid. Do YOU want Mother Brain out of the picture? We need some trust here, and that's about the only thing that I have to offer.
Gotta say, Kraid's reaction is helping your case. Word in the tunnels is that he'd be too damn stupid to try to trick minions.
Also very true.
Kraid... seriously...
...Ok, yeah, well, I still don't like being outright TOLD this.
Fair enough, I'll try to avoid bringing it up again. But can I get back to more important matters right now?
Ok, yeah, I've got some questions about this here. HOW exactly is this all... affect-everyone-on-the-planet-y? How does this affect YOU?!?
Ridley serves food. That which goes down the slide becomes as such. If Ridley's sales tank, he'll blame us, and I doubt we'll ever see booze again!
Sooo... if you go down the slide, you become food?
That's the long and short of it.
BAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! And those guys called me a pussy for bailing on them when they left.
So I take it you're on-board then.
Samus... let's do this thing.

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