Heading topside

More trans stuff, and then business stuff.

By the way, all of these new, bolded comments are being added June 24, 2021, commenting on the blog-of-the-day, in this case December 3, 2016. It transitioned nicely (lol, speaking of), from the text below the comic kinda transitioning into a blog originally, and then five years later I come back and add a comment to the blog. Noice, 2021 me. It's rather amusing :D


All kinds of updates, and yet not many at the same time. Strange how it works out that way sometimes.

As I've mentioned, I've begun HRT, legally changed my gender and name, and have the majority of my document-changing done. At this point, I'm getting about as close to Tannised as I can be :D

Aside from all that, I decided that a general overhaul of some things were needed. I've gone over Thingies and Stuff and generally worded it better, as well as adding Episode 07: The Möbius Knot. It's strange, this seems like the type of thing that should have come as a natural progression of the thingies, tying together the Möbius Ring and Triskelion Knot. For the longest while though, my mind has been focusing more on the Klein Bagel, and coming up with a way of making a three-winged version. Perhaps that's an iteration for down the road, combining the Möbius Ring and Klein Bagel.

Really, starting from an infinite spiral of circles, there's no end to how many variations one can make.

That aside, not too incredibly much to speak of, aside from once again reminding people to check out my Livestream, where I'm kicking around every weekday. As of present I don't have a specifically scheduled time that I keep to, but stream for at least an hour a day, most of it having to do with chainmaille (and what somewhat led to the creation of the Möbius Knot).

A random aside though. I generally push to improve myself, and have slowly been working towards upgrading my language. It's hard to describe, but what I'm doing is looking at things that I've been doing arguably incorrectly over the years, and making it more correct. For example, I used to spell it 'chainmail' rather than the more accepted (in the circles I'm aware of) spelling of 'chainmaille'. Same with my coding. Like the html for this page, I've been using <br /> rather than just <br>, am trying to use indentation and spacing, things like that. <-- 2021 Kabs here. Just <br> now!

For the longest time, when I first started a webpage, I pushed myself to shrink the code as much as was possible. Every extra carriage return, every unecessarily-long variable name, just about everywhere I could cut the code, I did. This however was back in the days of dialup, and every kilobyte took forever to download. I've somewhat laxxed up on my images, but generally prefer to keep them under a meg for load-time purposes. I'm actually commenting my code on occasion now, what the hell?

So yeah, it never hurts to improve yourself. Or at least that's the motto I keep running with. Break out the old skills periodically to keep 'em sharp, and add new ones to the list.

I like to think of myself as a brain-stump on the end of a stick. It controls this big, gangly appendage-monster that's stuck dangling under that brain-stump.

Everyone's made up from a thinking sponge in a bone box, and it's up to them what they wanna do with their dangle-creature. Personally, I try to get the best use I can from my flaily twiggle-body, and keep it healthy. I want this machine controlled by a wrinkled squish-factory to stay in good condition and last me for a long time :)


A short while later
...DAMNIT, that annoying feeling isn't going away. I'm gonna go look around.
*hop* *foom*
If it's not here, it's gotta be the surface. Winter should be over by now, I'm heading topside. Watch the bar Ophelia.
Ima come with, I wanna see not-winter again.
*hop* *hop*
Hey c'mon, this isn't a race here.
I can't help it, the feeling of dread just keeps on growing.
Why'dja stop? Does it have to do with the relentless sound of Metroids eating foliage?
*sigh* Back to the bar. We have problems to solve and limited alcohol to solve them with.
*squee* *SQUEE* *munch* *crunch*
*squee* *squee* *munch*

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