First five are for me

Cool, I joined karate and stuff around here, 2019, cool. next.


So, I've joined Karate, and painted my apartment pink! Oh, and photos of my mom, aunt, and dad have been added to the Kabucam gallery as well, just because ♡

I have a vacation planned for September, where I'll be visiting London, England! Oh my goodness, my first overseas trip! I've never been anywhere even REMOTELY this amazing before! I'm so excited! I'm going to take in some sights, meet some people I met online there, and have a wonderful, wonderful trip. I'm looking forward to it ^_^

Guess you got the majority of my updates there. Karate and vacation. Work is going well, nothing too much new in The Pas. Been pretty depressed lately, but since I've more or less organized my apartment (minus several boxes of highly disorganized paperwork and miscellaneous, uncategorized junk that has meaning to me), I'm starting to feel a lot better. Having lived for two months in a unbelievably disorganized home really wasn't making me feel well. I'd sit in the middle of the mess for hours, trying to decide where things should go, where furniture should go, where to put things that just... don't belong out, but I have literally no storage space, so these storage bins and cardboard boxes for moving need to go SOMEWHERE. The bins are just... sitting like the ugly things they are in the livingroom lol, and the cardboard boxes are broken down and hiding behind my art and tool drawers, also in the livingroom.

Whew, so that mini-rant out of the way, my life is just... coasting now. All I want is for time to pass. It's unlikely that I will open my shop storefront in The Pas (there's two events where that would be possible during the year, so I'm really not stressing out over it), so my 'sellable' art has slowed down. I'm working on rebuilding things that I've lost in the past for the most part right now.

And finally, Zebeth is in focus! I have time to work on the computer again! Thus two new comics ^_^

I'm ten days away from hitting one year of music in my song-a-day series, so check that out! It's been amazingly fun, and I don't see me slowing down anytime soon ^_^

And yeah... little else to bring up right at the moment. I just went to Karate today (and I've memorized my first Kata, Haian Shodan!), went to their annual general meeting, and then came home to make some strips ^_^. We're learning Shotokan Karate, if you'd like to look it up ^_^

Have a wonderful day all!

Kabutroid / KatieLynne / dragonmotherk

So talk, talk. What happened after you ran off into the fields?
I froze more Metroids than you can possibly count, and every. single. one. of them hates me now.
And the ones that saw me help her hate me too now I guess.
I'll get the drinks going.
*clink* *clink* *splash*
Oohhhhhh... Well, they never liked you anyway, so that's not so bad I guess.
What about ME, they kinda liked me before!
Kraid, you LITERALLY call them jerks every chance you get.
*splash* *clink* *pour*
Well yeah, but THEY don't know that.
*sigh* whatever. Don't piss me off and make me tell them then.
I'll be good.
Good! Ridley! First five are for me!
Kraid... did you just run sixteen marathons?
First five are for me. *clink*

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