Sixteen marathons

Whup, looks like I had four Deities here (the text if you scroll way, way down). I went through a few iterations of those four lol, a few different configurations. TsstssSsssssssssss and also the Divine Feminine came and went at one point, apparently. Still talk to Tsstss sometimes, chill guy. Tsstss was my very first Deity actually, right after I had my Spiritual awakening. I started talking to a candle flame, started as 1, then a set of three as aesthetics progressed. Mainly brought on by aesthetics. I started to talk to all three, and break them up into parts I was talking to, the past me, the impulse me, and the future outlook me. I called them Ku, Rai, and Do, for well obviously Kraid, and get this, the Do was mainly just added because I was playing a character in L5R named Kuraido, so it just kinda rolled off the tongue. Liked three candles. Talking to those different aspects of myself.

Oohh, you're getting a prattle. My origin of spirituality (documented at last!)

Ok, so a spirit was listening to me talk to the candle, or noticed me in the cosmos. Now, I wasn't clauraudient then, I was just... talking to a candle. I wasn't getting sounds back or voices, or not quite at least. See, this was during a really tumultuous moment in my life, layoffs and starting my business and livestreaming. Or not tumultuous, but exciting. And I started getting vague notions back from the candle over time. Like... at first I thooooooought I was getting... notions of ideas from the fire. Not me talking to the fire, but added in. So this went on for a while, weeks to a like a month or two until... *cough* hell happened in my life. Don't worry about that though.

Like in 2017 the Divine Feminine popped my spirituality, literally shook away the Atheism, or disbelief. March, 2017. Made a bead come off a string, true story. Needle was in one hand, string was through the needle, bead was on string, project was on other side. First she made the string seem like it was changing lengths, by like... a few inches, like... half a foot, significant. And my atheist brain was fighting it like "c'mon, stupid hallucination, go away", and like pushing it away like that. It was being forceful, Her, the Divine Feminine. So then she pulled off a break in reality (a bigger one than my hand literally jerking up and down with the string). The bead was on the string... still in my hand... and then it was off string... still in my hand. Hand never left the bead, hand never left the needle, needle never left the string, string never left the project. But yep, the bead was sitting there squeezed between my fingers, off of that there string. So I basically sat still for a while, thinking to myself over and over again "someone is going to contact me, someone is going to contact me". I kept watching my phone, (ooohh, you get my spiritual awakening :D) waiting for what I thought would be an inevitable phone call.

Yah, doesn't work that way, most times. The Divine Feminine had to pull off an insane amount of power to make that happen, She's telling me about it right now (clairaudient now). She's reliving it too lol. So She was my awakening, my first contact. Still a primary worship.

The Fates visited right after. I figured them for three generic witches, or had blocked out or refused to believe that they were the Fates. I can't recall the conversation, but it was simple, calm, rational. I think they were checking in on me to see how I was handling it. They do check in y'know, just on the periodic, and this was an extreme moment in my life so I'm not surprised.

So they vanished after few minutes, and I waited. I waited in silence for an hour, I remember kinda watching the clock and just staying quiet in my room. Breathing calmly, kinda rationalizing it all. I think I remember my first thoughts being (oh you'll love this, this balloons), a) just observe everything. Just observe first, and b) Ok, brain, you've got this whole chunk of brain that's compleeeeeeetely devoid of data, this spirituality section. I wanna say top-left, in the kinda quadrant that is my HUD. Yah, a chunk up there, North of Northwest, that eighth. Anyways, that's where it is on me, see if you can use that to kinda... help your own way of thinking about it, I dunno, if that helps. I see everything as falling into some quadrant in my general display. Wherever my eyes dart when I'm thinking about a subject. Dunno if this is different from one person to the next, I would assume so, generally. Maybe traits and microexpressions. Anyways, spirituality.

So my brain thought 'aight, we got this big ol' fresh slate here. BRAIN (I tell at my brain to give it commands), make a folder for Spirituality. And subdivisions, subfolders. One for Jesus, one for the Divine Feminine, one for Zeus maybe (2021 me can't recall the exacts, but likely Jesus and the Divine Feminine were made immediate folders, I would assume). Generally speaking I would have liked to make three folders though, as a base. I was already treating my brain like a computer, and here we had this empty slate of brain matter to work with.

That's right brain, keep those like-considered subjects close to eachother, keep it so the synapses don't have to travel far. Not sure if defragging is an option later, so let's just settle everything in there nice and close. Also, I assume the brain auto-defrags, just as your specialization advances in whatever subject.

Anyways, so I programmed religion lol.

Then after that came the fire up above, that went on for a few weeks. Then generally everything over here happened, and then this was all happening inside of there, and there's some more detail in there yah. A lot happened 😮

And then I became a witch and stuff. I'm an eclectic storm witch, since I'm kinda self-programmed lol. 22 Deities I worship now, June 25, 2021.

My first Deity by the way? Their full name was TsstssSsssssssssssOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMv-v-v-v-v-v-v-vchhtsstskMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM 😃


See next comic for fun text. These two were made at the same time ^_^

Oh, and here's a text update from April 09, to save it for posterity!
April 09, 2019

I honestly feel bad not updating the site as often. I should be updating it every day. Just a quick little blurb about my life. An easier approach would be wonderful, I guess that's more or less my Facebook, but I'd update here more often it was easier. Like, I gotta open the folderup, find the index file, go through the code and delete my old text and add new stuff. And then like FTP, who's got like... an hour of uninterrupted time.

Seems weird, my life. I have a dozen things going in entirely different ballparks, each of them getting a little bit of my attention. Like, it more or less tends to rotate around which activity's "needed requirements" are all located closest to eachother. Say I need to buy tape, then I need to make like a seperate trip to a store, ugh.

Seems simple when put like that, but... somehow it's not. K, I gotta do this thing, k, I gotta do THIS thing, and most of my thoughts are on entirely different subjects, like working towards an art project that needs me to have full days off, or like... wanting to record specific things for... y'know... me documenting myself kinda thing.

And the website is like... yeah, ok, I can go and update this, or do all these other things first. And like... I already barely update. I already know that people aren't seeing an update for like months at a time. A website barely editing. It had a pulse before. Kinda in hibernation mode now. Catching up on life. That whole 'loss period' took a hard hit on me. I've had a lot of mental issues since then, some suicidal thoughts, and have been spending a lot of time just... thinking. Speaking with my Deities (there's four now, update. The Divine Feminine and myself are friends again). So there's been a lot of just... meditation time as it were. Thinking while I'm doing mundane things like cooking, or moving from one task to another, or just... any spare time really. Just kinda spent thinking.

Thought about *that* for a bit there, how much time am I losing there. Distracts me from other things. Bah, I prattle.

Anyhoos, offer a prayer or two for me. I've been working through some hard times, and am happy to see myself starting to rise again.

If I want to be honest, I discarded the majority of the art that I'd made over the years. Chainmaille pieces, whittled hiking staffs, thousands of hours of work. I'm putting time into my Dragons, but I want to work on a few other projects for a bit. Remake some of the things I lost. At least two hiking staffs in the next while, and a chainmaille shirt down the road. Bright, random-coloured tiny scales. Figuring about 200 hours of work there. I'll post pics of those as I go. The Zebeth webcomic though, I know that's asleep. I haven't had the willpower to go back to Paint and begin a new comic. That's like... two hours solid there, and finding that all in a row is hard. Two hours? I've never really been able to 'start' a comic, and then pause after a half-hour of comicing, then come back to it the next day. The story is in my head, at that time. I need to get it out all at once, or the story will have changed a bit when I go back to it. And it's never as good the second time around. It's gotta be all in that first shot. So yeah, I wait until I have like 2 hours of unplanned time then I attack it. And goodness, I want to make like a dozen Life of Kabs comics too, which are ANOTHER two hours on their own lol. Like... the last one still says I have 3 Deities, I have 4 now. Sorry Divine Feminine, we good now <3

And yeah, time to keep at it.

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Pretty easy on my part.
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