The End

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Oh my goodness. The end of Zebeth. What in Heaven's name is this?

May 11th, 2019, 8:59PM. 17 years, 1 month, 25 days. 6265 days. Lol, it's been over 9 million minutes since I started Zebeth!

Thank you earlier Kabutroid, for keeping track of what time I started Zebeth ^_^

The Metroids are taken care of, and Kraid broods moodily. The comic will go on though. Continuations from here (at the bare minimum, an epilogue showing the other characters). And side stories, and missions, and enemy stories! It's like I'm free!

Now comes the stories of what happened to the Sidehopper after he escaped from Samus. Where has Boxy gone? What will come of the Minion union? Oh goodness, following around the new Zebethian space pirates, enemies getting into the spawn room, the x-ray visor! Oh, there's so many possibilities of where I can travel with this.

The site will continue to be my blog, my place of worship.

Well, not in the spiritual sense. Oh hey, update on that one! So, The Divine Feminine and myself are friendsies, but I'm not full-on worshipping Her any more. Great Brother Bear stepped in, and He wants to find a lesser Bear Spirit to be my spirit animal. I still have Upulnesayaymsugamayufyeevawawoopdesowarnewadeh, my Turtle Spirit, so I have two now. The rest is still the same, except I have a stronger connection with my cat up in Heaven. We meow to eachother, spiritually ♡ ^_^

Oh my goodness, I could go on. I'll probably make a series of strips about spirituality specifically (sorry, gonna do a little bible-thumpin', won't be long), and that'll more or less settle my spiritual history, so to speak.

Seriously, I discover spirituality like... 4 years ago, and I can't even keep up with how many changes have happened as a result, and how it's affected my life. Just... wow. Man, being a disbeliever sucked!

Oh hey, related note, while taking a break from the comic today, I made a tutorial on how to make a set of Rosary Beads out of string ^_^

So anyways, enough of that subject. I honestly don't know if people are bored by it, but it seems spirituality is a bit of a taboo subject nowadays. Dunno what's up with that :/

ART! So I'm working on a new hiking staff, the follow up to my first hiking stick. It's still raw, but you can see a pic of it here. It's going to have deeply carved grooves, making for a very stylized top, with lesser carvings on the lower half. It has an AMAZING *CLACK* as you walk with it, though it will likely lessen to a wonderful *thunk* when I leathercoat the bottom.

Work goes well. I passed my probationary period, and it's all high remarks. Always a good thing. I'm passionate about it when I get there y'know? I want to make the residents feel better, I want to do the best that I can. I want to do it well ^_^

So yeah, that helps out the residents, as well as myself and such ^_^

And that about covers it for this update! Have yourself a wonderful evening where you are, and enjoy the last strips of Zebeth ^_^

Epilogue to follow :)

Kabutroid / KatieLynne / dragonmotherk

ps: Added bonus, here's the storyboard for the last comic ^_^

Several hours later
*sigh* there is one problem. We're basically down to the keg-scrapings now.
That would explain the wood shavings in mine.
*poof* *poof* *poof* *poof* *shuffle*
...Seriously, that was all I had to do?!?
Zebeth-finishing party. I GOTTA hook us up!
Whaddya mean Zebeth-finishing?
The main storyline is over! You defeated Mother Brain... kinda...

So YEAH, let's wrap this sucker up, eh?
I... ...... wrap what up now??
Remember being poofed into Zebeth a reeeeeal long time ago?
-- poof
Yeah, THAT! That's over! The reason you were poofed here! is that over?
You herded the Metroids to the alfalfa! The last loose end!
...I was brought here... poofed away from my galaxy-saving quest... to herd Metroids to the alfalfa.
Seems that way. The Metroids got out, they had to go somewhere.
*sigh* I have way too many drinks in me to deal with this. What am I supposed to do now?
Anything you want!
Couldn't I always do that?
...I hate you Kabutroid.
*poof* *poof* *poof*
After a few drinks, Samus reasoned that this is stupid, and she can still do whatever she wants.
Kraid, the intellectual of the group, was concerned over the tone of finality that had rung in Kabutroid's words. A brooding atmopsphere surrounded him, and he drank slowly, contemplating what this would mean for Zebeth.
Crocomire Hunter was pleased. The Metroids were fed and happy, and so were the bar folk. Everyone was happy
Brother Flounder, having just recently arrived on Zebeth, was still baffled by how easygoing everyone was about such a MAJOR EVENT as a swarm of life-threatening METROIDS roaming the countryside. Little did he know that crazy things happening is usually the norm.
Mother Brain remains still. Her system at 95%, she slumbers, waiting for her last bit of memory to be uploaded.
-95.4% complete-
Bouncy... remains free.
*Special thanks to Snoopy, the dragon who was with me when I came up with the final strips ♡*

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