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Speedy the Metroid herder

Strip 288: Speedy the Metroid herder

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In the Metroid relocation area
-Warning - 301 seconds remaining-
Squeh? - Hey, uhh... has anyone figured out what the hell that is yet?
Squee - Nope. I'm guessing something the creator added.
-Warning - 296 seconds remaining-
Squah - Could be some new kind of enemy...
Squee! - Only one way to find THAT out!
-Warning - 290 seconds remaining-
*flip* *slorp*
Squee? - Any energy in there?
Squee - Nah... dry as a bone.
Squeh. - Bah... useless thing.
-Warning - 287 seconds remaining-
*flip* SQUEE - Damnit! FLEE!!!

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