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Bully rivalries

Strip 383: Bully rivalries

And I'll bet you didn't expect to see THIS kinda outcome >:}

Great. This is just freakin' great. With my luck, I've got the tougher one too.
Oh, you've got THAT right!
What the hell?!? No you're not!
I've ALWAYS been the tough one. Who's the one everyone fears? ME!
Oh, bullshit. At least I don't resort to "growling" to install fear. I just AM that scary.
You're all talk!
Oh, that's it. You are just ASKING to be put in your pathetic little place.
Umm... did that actually just happen?
Well, given what "George" there just had bitten off of him, I don't think it gets much more real than THAT kinda pain.
*growl* *chew* *bite* *claw* *shred* *mangle*

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