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Fun with speed

Strip 392: Fun with speed

Ye GODS is it impossibly difficult to find GOOD screenshots of Advance Wars.

The next few days were kinda hazy. It involved a lot of mountain driving...
Awright! We're going so fast I can see through time!
No... the time zone just changed.
... which resulted in a run-in with the cops
*SCREECH* WOOH! I got his car! Just like in Grand Theft Auto!
Ok, you've had your fun, now give it back.
Dramatization: May not have happened
Some staying in a hotel because we got to our next destination too late to find a campsite
*grumble* *mumble* cup *grumble* ticket *murmer* speeding my ass *growl*
Ok... it's 3 in the freaking morning. Just DEAL already!
And eventually... we get to British Columbia
Awright! And only 14 hours of driving needed today.

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