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Targets acquired

Well, it... sorta spoke, so it obviously has intelligence. Sure, it only has what intelligence Mother Brain gave it, but it's more than before anyway.

And the thing with Kraid has been bugging me for a bit that it's been unclear. It's always been unknown whether he's still friends with SOME enemies. If the opportunity arises, I'll explain in a little more detail as to why he would still have allies on the minion's side.

*float* PREPARE TO... oh crap... it's you.
We seem to get that kind of response often lately.
Seems that way.
*hop* *bwam* *bwam* *bwam*
How's this affecting your friendship with the minions you used to hang out with?
Oh, they know how I feel about you.
Nothing! Nothing at all.
Bah, only a missile refill. Ah well, I'm not quite full right now anyway.
They're probably not giving you health-money purely to spite you.
Distinct possibility.
Might as well... umm... hell. This is an unexpected turn of events.
Didn't we knock that thing over?
*beep* Targets acquired.
Yeah, I don't like the direction this is going.

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