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Vacation or bust II

MAN but I needed this vacation. The first day is about 11 to 12 hours driving for the record. And if you want to skip the vacation strips, then go to strip 543.

Yep... that was some sweet, sweet vacation. Why, I'm sure TONS of unexpected, plot-furthering, suspension-climaxing things have occured while I was away. Why, it's things like that that people would want to see the continuation of. Yep... definitely continuation.
BUT... first things first. I made a journal of my vacation, and I think it's time to tell the tale, as it were. It's only 10 days worth... how long can it POSSIBLY put off the further continuation of earlier occurences? That said, leave us tell the tale of this year's vacation.

Vacation Journal Day 1

June 30: 8:30am - Currently driving. Writing this at the same time on palm pilot doesn't work. Will do when Daemona drives.

June 30: 10:20am - Woke up at about 5:00. On the road by d:30. Got McDonalds for breakfast. Left Winnipeg itself at about 6:00. Nothing but rain. Only took about 1:15 hrs to get to the "Tolstoi" border crossing, only to discover the border doesn't open until 8:00. Got to sit around 45 minutes. Fun. Several hours into the states, and still nothing but rain. Just passing the #59 (which was ~90 km/h the second we hit the states) and the #2 hwy (which is ~110km/h). Need to nap now, and I'm caught up anyway, so I'll write more later.

June 30: 7:08pm - Still stuck going ~90km/h. About 1 hour from Marquette, MI. where we'll spend the night. Those Red Bull energy drinks are good at keeping you awake for the drive though. Pretty much nothing but trees on either side of the road. Trees are nice and all, but after ~11 hours, it gets boring. At least there's the occasional lake to break up the monotony. And the quality of the roads SUCKS in the states. Man, I thought Winnipeg was bad. That's about it for now. PRobably more if I'm bored tonight. 7:30 now, so about a 1/2 hour to go until we hit the hotel.

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