And now that she's had a chance to get a better look at it... it's aaaaall comin' back.

*bwam* *bwam*
<Ok, well look... we've gotta get 'em outta there. Let's go grab an arm from the suit, see if we can distract the purple one long enough for 'em to thaw.>
<Ugh... Sounds like our only option.>
Some time later
<Ok... ok... here goes. Let's see if this done anything.>
*spin* *HURL* *twirl* *twirl* *twirl*
YAAAH! *jump* *hop*
<Well... that certainly got a reaction, anyway. Let's see if it distracts 'em long enough...>
Saaaaay... this is... kinda ringing a bell here.
<Ah hell.>

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