Patience by pog

And now it's back to the game Kraid loves to play.

Hmm... no doubt about it... this is definitely the arm from my suit. WHy they threw it over here is beyond me though. Well... the past good while has been kinda hazy... odds are I did something to make 'em toss it.
And I DO remember that they supposedly stole my suit. This... kinda kills the chance that they were lying. Damn... and I'm out of missiles too. And I don't understand Metroid either, so I can't even talk to them.
Ok, well no sense wasting time here. I'll try to find my way back to the bar and get Kraid to help translate... maybe refill some missiles on the way. Worst case scenario... I *shudder* flash Kraid a little skin to get him to help me.
Y'know... I REALLY don't see how playing pogs with you explains ANYTHING at all.
I've got this weird hunch that waiting here at the bar will lead to lots of answers and good things. Now take your shot.

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