Won't be a problem

He has his ways.

Hell, the SECOND I get my suit back, I'm off on a wild goose chase to get back to what I enjoy... booze. Where the hell is Kraid when you need him. He could probably SMELL the ingredients needed!
Wait... unless... BOOOOOOZE!
...Bah, stupid lizard.
Well... with my luck, he'll show up the second I don't want him near me, so I might as well start off and wait for that to happen. Although, if Ridley can't get food faster, he'll make less money... and a pissed off bartender is never good. Hope he can come up with a way to jack up his food supply.
Hey Ridley, is it safe to come in yet?
Yeah, but could you actually try out the slide first? I wanna check out some new features on it.
Sweet, sure. I haven't even gotten a chance to try it out at all yet.

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