Long-time listener

Oh yeah, the Trabnagian is still kicking around!

Moments later
Aww... all the rest of Samus soaked into the ground. And as tempted as I am to start eating the dirt between the ground bricks... I at least got to eat a good chunk of Samus already.
Ah well... with a belly full of Samus, I think that needs as healthy mixture of alcohol to top it off. TO RIDLEY'S!
Hey Ridley... what's happ...
I hate your stupid long-named friend. He refuses to go down the slide?
Of COURSE I'm not going down that slide! I've been on the ceiling for the past forever and heard everything you've said about it.
I was joking! Trust me!
I also saw you get crikey'd a new one.
...I REALLY hate you.
Uh... huh.

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