Her generosity knows no bounds

Even though he's as useful as a broken arm, she's still keeping him in on the prize. Isn't she just sweet?

Ok guys, it's just up ahead. Seriously, thanks though. I'll make a specific note to try not to kill you in the future, unless of course I forget, or can't tell you apart from some other minions.
You're just lucky you brought up the pint about Ridley's slide... and you damn well better make sure he lets us ride it extra.
Oh, I'm not worried about that at all. I guarantee you'll get to slide 'till you can slide no more.
But... hmm... come to think of it, we might need a little more help than the three of you.
Like, what kind of help do you need?
Well, there's pits to jump over, so fliers... and plenty of 'em. I'm thinking like... another ten or so.
Pits. Well super, so that makes me...
About as useful as a punch in the kidneys. But don't worry, I'll still tell Ridley to let you slide for offering.

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