What good is a slide?

Yep... when the world is pretty minimalistic at best... if you've got access to a slide, you bilk it for all the entertainment it's worth.

Also, get your mind out of the gutter. I didn't notice the double-entendre when I first made the comic :P

Several minutes later...
So how come you didn't go with the others to look for more helpers?
Eh, they're a lot faster than me, and are more familiar with the other flying types. I mainly just know lots of ground-dwellers.
But hey... you ever need anything dragged through small tunnels or paths, you know who to look for.
I guess. Although, something's always confused me... what's up with everyone liking Ridley's slide to begin with? I mean... it's just a freakin' slide!
Have you ever TRIED looking around before? Everything on this stupid, Metroid-thingy-forsaken planet is blocky, pointy, and covered in corners. The closest thing to entertainment we get around here is bouncing on a bush, and that's both lame AND gets boring pretty fast.
Y'know, I never thought of it that way before. Whenever I got bored, I went to Ridley's.
Yeah, we USED to, but some dumb broad kept killing everyone whenever they got close to it!
Yeah, I do that when I'm bored too... and call me a dumb broad again and you'll follow suit.
You said you wouldn't kill me.
I said I'd TRY not to kill you.

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