The buzz of money

Sometimes... a potentially cool quote just... doesn't work.

Ahoy, we return with troops.
Oh thank god. Samus half-fell asleep at one point and started mumbling about killing the "green, big-eyed enemy thing".
Oh, that could have meant anyone.
Ah, you return. Were you able to find any suck... uhh... successful candidates who would be willing to help me out here?
Oh, we found a few. Once I mentioned the bonus sliding privileges, we got some takers.
What kinda numbers?
Rumour has it you know of some sweet slide action?
Well... uhh... we kinda lost track after about fifty or so.
Lemme at the slide.
Excellent, excellent.
40 minutes later, at the bar
Say, do you hear a kinda... buzzing sound?
That my friend... is the buzz of money.
...That sucked.
Yeah, that one didn't quite work out so well.

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