Frustracation: Part 4

You heard me.

Y'see, we told them our buzz-code isn't hooked up. It needs a phone. Did they call our cellphones like we asked? Of COURSE not! They tried to buzz up. Surprise, it didn't work. Did they call? Of COURSE not! They just... left it for the next day. For the record, never use 'Two Amigos' moving company.

So, with our crap moved, we had only wait for the phone to be hooked up. The first guy showed up right on time on Nov. 30th... and proceeded to not know what the fuck he was doing, and have to leave, saying he needed to get to the apartment's electrical room to check the phone wiring there.

Of course, the landlord wasn't in, so he left without hooking up anything. We called for another visit after getting said electrical-room key, and they could only come out the following Thursday... that being when I'm uploading all of these strips. And HERE'S the kicker... we didn't need to get that key.

All the first guy NEEDED to do was HIS DAMN JOB! The second guy pulled open the outlet on the wall, twisted together a few sets of wires, and we had a phone again. And internet. It took him UNDER HALF AN HOUR! WHY the first guy couldn't figure this out is beyond me, and I'll likely file a complaint.

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