Time for a lesson

Yep, still there.

Like hell I will!
If I'm the one that saves this ice-cre... hey, wha? Can honestly say I didn't expect to come across a sobbing Crocomire Hunter. What gives, man?
*sniffle* *pule* *cry*
*sniff* Oh, hello fellas. I'm just sad about the loss of a friend. What's that on your head?

Oh, this is ice-cream that Samus made at the bar.
*sniff* Always something new and unusual happening there.
Yeah, and now we're racing to get this to the cold surface to stay frozen... and then Ridley will turn the two losers into minion soup.
Oh he did, did he? Well crikey, you don't have to worry ANY MORE! I think I've got me a minion-killing Ridley to teach a lesson to.

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