Noone can be THAT cruel

Man, now I'm getting hungry.

Ok, well... I'm still going to be the one to put this in the cold. If I get in good with Ridley, that usually means a free drink or at LEAST a discount.
You guys do that... I've got things to do.
If there's one thing I can't stand, it's the mindless killing of animals. I mean... it's the natural order of things for animals to eat eachother... but minion soup isn't exactly a natural death. Oh, they'd better just be playing tricks on those poor minions.
Saaay... I wonder what would happen if we started with MEtroid ice-cream, breaded it with smashed up dried minion, deep-fried it, and then had it for desert after a bowl of finely-ground minion soup?
Naaah... what kind of twisted creatures would want to mangle innocent animals that badly.

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