Now THAT'S a taunt

Hey guys. I've come to dispel some rumours that some minions are spreading about the bar and cruel and unusual...
And I'd be like 'BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM!'
Eh, what's that?
But the minion wouldn't be smashed enough yet, so I'd be all like 'BAM, BAM, BAM' smashing it with a brick over and over and over again.
That'd totally be awesome.
And then... when the deep-fried minion is pulverized enough, I'd TOTALLY smash it another few times, just for the hell of it.
Oh man, and I TOTALLY wanna try snorting minion-powder!
PURELY for the sake of going to other minions and saying 'Yo, you know your friend? Well guess where he is. I totally just SNORTED HIM!'
Oh, hey Croc. How long you been there? We were discussing recipes... sorta.

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