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Note: I DID come up with a theory, and I still think it's valid :P

Meanwhile the problem with THAT theory is that tachyons can't ACTUALLY be detected, since they're travelling past the speed of light.
Well y'know, I've thought about that possibility.
However, if my "heisenburg acceleration" theory works in one direction, it has to work in the other. If the particle earlier can be sped PAST the speed of light, there's nothing saying that the same principles couldn't work in reverse on tachyons.
Ahh, I see, I see.
So the average velocity of a tachyon very near the speed of light could possibly be altered, but if it crosses to slower than the speed of light, would it even be a tachyon any more?
I would think so. The intrinsic properties of the particle shouldn't be affected. Possibly, however...
Little help? Please?

No, shutup.

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