The new face of evil

If you don't know what bonus comic I'm talking about, it's called A song that's stuck in my head.

And I'm just a poor comic maker. Hell, my mentioning your name probably got more people to listen to your music to see who I'm talking about if they've never heard of you before. If anything, I got you several MORE fans instead of less :P.

Update: The song grew on me, and I actually like it now. But this was still funny, right?

Sure, let's say that.

It may come as no surprise to those reading my 'bonus' comics that I'm not particularly fond of Rihanna's song "Umbrella".
I have just heard however that Rihanna has had to ban umbrellas at her shows in the United Kingdom, due to y'know... people being stupid and injuring others and themselves trying to dance with it.
They're just trying to avoid anarchy. Y'see, it starts out with someone accidentally jabbing someone with an umbrella. But then they find out they LIKE doing that. Next thing you know, they're gouging out people's eyes with it, and PLUDGEONING THE FANS TO DEATH IN A HORRIBLE, VIOLENT BLOODBATH!
You heard it here first... guns don't cause violence... violent video games don't cause violencef... it's the pop/R&B music that creates evil, sadistic madmen.
I'm just joking though... please don't sue me. I just want to make people laugh

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