Not again

Umm... actually, I think she's out getting... stuff... for you! Yes... a surprise for you! Today is just FULL of surprises, isn't it?
Oh, well that's kinda nice. KNow when she'll be back?
In time for the wedding... I can tell you THAT with absolute certainty!
Well she'd better be, it's a week away. Where the hell is she getting this surprise, Mexico?
No, no... any time now. Plenty of time before the wedding for her to return.
Nope, I'm as certain that she'll be back as I'm certain taht the crazy bitch DIDN'T flee from her house minutes ago at the thought of a wedding looming forever closer, waiting to lock her in a relationship that will never end.
I imagine we'll be seeing her any-OH GOD DAMNIT, NOT AGAIN!

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