No worries

Gotta love that skill.

Oh, you fellas... being all melodramatic and all. But let's get moving here. The longer we wait, the more minions Mother Brain is gonna harm.
*sigh* If you insist. You may have a problem with the next step though.
Why's that?
Because the only route we know is up... and you're too heavy for us to carry. There isn't any walls to climb for a long-ass way, either.
Yep, they help me up there... but unlike me, you're not going anywhere.
Oh, don't worry about that.
Several minutes later
Holy crap, you have GOT to teach me how you do that!
Hell, I don't even need it, and I STILL want to know how that's even possible!
Eeehehe... and you thought I couldn't get the vine up there by myself.
How is the bush even that strong?!? It's a bush!!!

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