Everyone should do it

Ahh, Geruta... will he ever solve the question?

Back with Crocomire Hunter...
...aaaand that's about how it's done.
Holy god... it... it seems so simple now.
I mean like... seriously... why doesn't EVERYONE just do that? It's ludicrous to think otherwise.
Hey, don't look at me... I'm a flier.
Ehehe... I'm glad you're happy about it.
But... we've wasted enough time. Let's go wrangle us some Mother Brain.

Oh right... THAT. Well, let's go getr this death-march over with.
THAT'S the spirit!
Say Geruta... do you have this strange feeling that some really weird shit is going to happen soon?
Does it involve like... metaphorical notions about unusual spots?
Then no.

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