They will know

Oh crap Mother Brain is bringing down the fire!

If you recall, Samus and Kraid discovered this room back in strip 1326, though they did not find the secret path to the turret production facility. Or the glass production facility for that matter. Mother Brain loves her secret paths.


We have been slowly working on some art! I've unfortunately been sick with, what I am assuming is two different colds back to back, so that's slowed down my production for the past week, but we have made some progress on The Teeth of Dahlver-Nar, though I can only go so fast on that one, since my hands are woefully softened from the years of hibernation, and I need to toughen up the pads on my hand to carve more than a few hours at a time. This one'll take a good month or two to kinda chew through (lol), since most of my time right now is working on my backpack patches, d'awwww, do you see the cute lil Kabuto patch? IT'S SO CUTE!!! And I have to admit, unexpectedly (or rather forgottenly, since I had put a ton of patches on my bookbag, that sewing these patches on takes AGES! Like a minimum of an hour each, more if it's larger, and even more for Andy Warhol, since an edge of felt runs around the outside, and I had to stitch with that being pierced through rather than going clear around like all other patches. Also the housefly took a long time, since it's a *very* small patch, and I kinda had to stitch up through the patch diagonally to catch more material to stitch down, and I am so happy that we got that onto there, because she is also SO CUTE!!! So check those out through the backpack link above.

Also, I think I forgot to mention in the past month or so, there's two short story type things in the Bonus section, A horror story, or, a tale of triumph and glory, and Chewing a stick, so enjoy those as well!

Also also, we have adjust a long-running malady of the site!!!! For the longest time, probably since the advent of mobile browsing, the comic strip has been wider than the phone screen can display. And finally, I have discovered a way to correct that! Y'see, if you throw a width="100%" tag onto an image, it normally stretches the image the full width of the screen. However, if you encapsulate the comic inside of a table (with no set width assigned), and THEN add the width="100%" tag onto the image, it will only resize the image to the image's own full width, thus not breaking the comic on PC. AND, if you view it on mobile, THEN it will shrink the comic down so that it makes the full width of the page and not longer! So if you're browsing on mobile, you may notice that the page shows up properly now, WOOOOH! And I've gone and edited all 1500 someodd html files in the archives and bonus and subsector pages, and now everything should be showing up correctly! So that is awesome ^_^


Some time later
*bzzzt* *bzzt* *bzzzt*
Soon... they will rue the day*
*thump* *thump*
Say, does anyone feel like a day needs to be rued anywhere?
I'm good.
I feel safe.
So what's next?
Well, I've gotta go pick beetles off the potato plants pretty soon.
Oh yeah, can't leave that.
*bzzt* *gzzt* *bzzt*

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