The armouring


And yes, the armouring of the Mother Brain begins.


Lol, I only thought of that method of getting armour after making that last comic.

On a related note, THANK YOU EARLIER KABUTROID! Oh wow, before hibernation while waiting for paperwork to move, earlier me made like... 90% of this comic, and designed the next one as well! Earlier me, before shutting down for the big wait, wanted to make it easier for future me to get back into the comic, and making strips again! That rings a bell now, opening up this file again.

Y'see, everything sat as it was when I shut down, and stayed that way since (checks date of last comic) January 2021! Actually, May 24th, 2021, it looks like earlier me had put that as the date of this comic, mostly finished. And as I was saying, so, just today I went and opened up ye olde comic folder, and opened the last file there, which was a simple kolourpaint line drawing of characters and a few text bubbles (you'll see the original of this when the next comic is actually made). Ok, I've got the direction that I was going. And then I open up the comic prior to that, mainly just to copy a sprite from it, and WOAH, there's an entire 'nother mostly-finished comic here! And that's when the memories came flooding back. Earlier me, just didn't have the heart to make more comics, while waiting for Abby, while waiting for our paperwork. Yah, it took over 2 years! So I didn't have the heart to make comic strips, to do anything really, thus hibernation. And I remembered, seeing this now, not wanting to progress the comic without my heart in it, I had mostly made this comic, and created the layout of the next comic (oh, just wait till you see THAT one!)(after two pseudo-filler strips), so that future me could easily catch up to where we were, and get right back into it! WOOOOOOH! So that's all kinds of awesome! And thus, we have this comic, mostly created May 2021, finished May 2023! I apologise about the wait, but like I said... I needed my heart to be in it again, I needed to be with my Abby.

And we are here now! And the next comic is made! And we have progress! And we have other stuff too! I've been catching up on the site with things that I've been putting off during hibernation! Most of the minor updates that I've done can be found in the life of Kabs strips, some rather major actually, like the great transcription, the great image tagging, and making the ascii games for Lost House 3 and the start of The Windmill, which to be honest, I only accomplished in there because it popped into mind, and despite our depression, I created because they may never be made if I didn't make them then.

And speaking of The Windmill, that is going to be worked on next, finishing that up! I've completed 8 floors, and most of floor 9, before I closed that door during the wait again, but again, I'm starting to catch up on things now that I've moved and am with my love at last! For other minor projects during hibernation, check out the under-comic text for those life of Kabs strips linked there, and otherwise since then, we've got another few additions to the site as well, pretty much in the AD&D section still. Yah I was away from all of my supplies for this time, so D&D is about the only thing that I had during that time. But anyways, what do we have besides all of the decks of many things!

The most recent additions to the site since moving are a page on HeroQuest, the very first TTRPG that I ever played, before I even knew that TTRPG's were a thing!
We have our dice collection, I mean I have to have that in the page, I have to. So that's there!
And we have Simon and Lotus, the lovable dice-eating duo, and the playlist of their antics, which took place inside of my Song-a-day music series (linked to the 1000-2000 set of songs, as of typing this). I love those two, and the little storylines that I've created for them.

And speaking of the song of the day, I'm over 5 years now, WOOOOOH! So that's all kinds of awesome! Yep, starting singing May 5th 2018, and am still at it!

And that's the majority of the updates so far! Check out the life of Kabs links above like I said, check out those other few links, oh, and also, I've got up and running! Even made a redirect strip, kinda, I'm keeping both .ca and active, since lots of things will link to .ca. Both work identically (yay me just using /planetzebeth/stuff type links inside the website), so you can use both domain names, though I'll be advertising it as now. But yes, new domain name is up and running!

And that's the updates thus far! We've got things up and running again, we've got earlier Kabutroid to thank for thinking ahead and getting current Kabutroid on track easily, and we have an ascii video game to finish now. And dragons! We've got dragons a-coming! It may take some time before I can make their adoption scrolls for them, I haven't found my waterproof paper yet, but to start we have David, Alice, and Pahpiw, the three-headed dragon of peace, love, and happiness! Also mostly finished before everything was shipped to England, they were finally finished after moving, and just need their adoption scroll, coming as soon as I can. Pic available tho :D

So with all that, have yourselves a wonderful day everyone, once again thank you earlier me for making today's update happen, and more updates to follow, WOOOH!


Would it not be easiuer to use the manufacturing facilities for making the clones to get more glass?
Accurate, let's go.
Ah well, wanna go to the bar or something?
Yeah, why not, it's too bright out today anyway.
Rids! How goes!
No you can't eat again, we need to save at least SOMETHING.
A drink my friend.
Excellent my minions, bring it to me.

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