Maybe we should talk to her

I mean... after a while...

And I guess the crew has mellowed since she's been gone. And also a little bit bewildered still.


And we are currently working on our staff Kabuto, getting that angelite stone fitted into the head of it, which is... just about as difficult as when I left it until finding a stone for it lol. Digging down into that from the top is... rather challenging, but we'll get there.

We also finally got our Britney Spears patch, added to the backpack, with an eagle to follow, to go with my Spirit Name, The Eagle who Flies through the Heaven. So that's in the mail. Also a turtle pendant to dangle near it, for my Spirit Guide, a turtle named Upulnesayay (who now has Her own page finally). And after THAT, I know I've said that a few times, but after THAT patch (and pendant), THEN it'll be only patches found in the wild that will be added to the backpack. But what really drove looking for an eagle (and turtle) was needing something in the center of the top flap to keep it from folding up in the center, and having something to do with my Spirit Name just seemed fitting.

So those have been in the works, and my work continues! :D


Hey, you guys, I'm like... worried about Mother Brain.
You mean that pellet gun thing?
Oh GOD no! No, I mean... her. She's like... trying too hard or something.
I mean, props on the jar not breaking tho.
Yeah, I'll give her that. But I mean... should I go and talk to her or something?
You literally ate her heart.
Well why don't you talk to her then?
We literally hate eachother, and my quest is supposed to be to destroy her.

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