You think escape is possible???

She tries....


Oh Mother Brain. There's A for effort's all over the place. You try...

Not a whole ton of updates outside of the comic, I have been sick for nearly a week again, and not like can-still-make-stuff-at-home sick, more like can-barely-sit-up-in-bed sick, which is not fun. New countries man, gotta train up them white blood cells to the new germs out here. C'mon fellas, finish learning this one, let's get a move on it here.

But there is a little bit of an update. We have a new story or two in the fly chronicles, I've unpacked the sewing machine desk (before I got sick), so that's now pictured in the sewing supplies page, and since I've been talking to the Feyfolk for a while, they've been added to my Spirituality about page, bringing my total number of main Spiritual contacts to 26, a number that even 4 years ago I wouldn't have thought possible, as I was maxing out at like 8 back then. So progress in the field continues.

And that's about it for now. Hopefully I feel up to par soon, hopefully I have far less illnesses in a year once I've caught the brunt of everything out here, and hopefully I canOH RIGHT, one last mention, I finally found an Angelite stone (YouTube links) that will be set inside of Kabuto, the staff of anti-aggression! So ayyy, I was figuring finding a good sized stone would be a challenge (mental note: hunting for 'palm stone' attains this size and shape for future projects), but we found something that should work, and now we need to finish carving out the hollow at the top of that staff to fit the stone :D . I'm thinking it'll be held in there by gluing a piece of wood back in after that will hold overtop of the stone as well.


*hop* *WHUMP*
*pew* *bwam* *bvwee*

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