Zebethian Space Pirate

The Zebethian Space Pirates! My wonderful patrons, who have supported my dream of livestreaming while doing what I love... making stuff.

These wonderful creatures have mandible-like beaks, talon-like claws, and LASER BEAMS! They also come with customised colours, chosen by the Zebethian. After their arrival on Zebeth (from the initial spawn room), they're free to wander the countryside, take in the sights, or explore the many thousands of miles of cavernous pathways that intertwine their way through the planet's interior. Creatures both friendly and fierce lay everywhere, and many different ecosystems are spread over the planet. Zebethians are free to take up residence whereever they find room, which is quite plentiful. Personally I prefer a den at the end of one of the many winding paths.

Rumour has it that one day the Earth and Zebethian realms will overlap, and on the prophecied day the Zebethians will be capable of firing their claw-lasers in both realms.

One day...