Grunky molted!

E's growing up!!!


And the comic continues! After an incredible amount of waiting, including more waiting that we weren't even expecting, and a little bit more, all is done! Everything is set up! WOW does it take some doing to move to a new country.

But, I am with my Abby-love at long last ❤️❤️

And now, life can move forwards, which means the comic can move forwards, and updates of all kinds can move forwards! First up, the comic.

Oh wow, what is this, Grunky is growing up! Lil' fella finally shed his exoskeleton and grew himself an entirely new one! Which I guess means that he's an anthropod of some sort, or possibly an arachnid. A glitch creature at any length. That molts.

D'AWWWWW, lil guy is growing up! Let's see what happens with him.

I suppose we will also see what this tank of a Mother Brain is doing too. Oh, and you can see an earlier template for this comic over here, that earlier me had planned during the massive paperwork wait. So oohhhh... interesting things abound.

Speaking of interesting things abound, THE WINDMILL is complete! Taking 817 hours, comprising 75,531 files, you read that right, over seventy five thousand files! And it is complete! The game is fully playable at the link above, or for easy sharing purposes. Speaking of, sit around on the menu screen for a few seconds and you'll have all kinds of added content, including how to edit the game, a download of the full .zip of the game, and a sample room that you can play with! Very customizable, for your foray into the 3d ascii territory.

WHEW, so that took me ages, nine months in fact! There was some delay in the middle due to paperwork stuff, but nine months of work! I've made a comic about THE WINDMILl here, so check that out as well.

More updates! Just minor ones, the big one was... that 817 hour behemoth above, WOOH my brain is happy to release that from its RAM. But other updates! I've finally got at least the hand-written one shot The Forest Came To Life online, so you can read it there. I tried converting it to .doc, but it lost some of its feel, its emotion. So I may just have to put store-bought scans of the pages there at some point, but the photos of the pages are plenty readable. But yes, the one-shot is available!

The dice collection is updated, mainly because I obtained issue 1 of Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer, on the last day it was displayed in stores yet, so much excitement about this exclusive set of dice.

There's some more stories in the Fly Chronicles, with lil moth friends now too, and a wee lil teeny tiny friend that enjoyed our company! So that's cute, almost as cute as Grunky!

And I think that's the majority of the updates on the page. I've moved some stuff minorly around, all links should be working, just refresh a page if something doesn't show up. Or I guess contact me if you find a nonworking link, but honestly I think this site is pretty solid right now. So yah, check out the game, check out the dice, and enjoy the comic, to be updated more often, now that I don't have an 817 pound boulder on my shoulders any more lol.

Oh, and also we finally saw the Barbie movie. See associated pics here lol.



Muahahahaha! Now let us go and destroy our enemies!
Guys, guys! You will never guess what I just heard!
Awwww, no way!
You're kidding me!
Where is the little fella?
Guys, you're just in time! He's just finished shedding!
Awww, look at you, big guy!

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