Why so much waiting?!?


And we've been waiting around two years for all of this to be taken care of, paperwork and stuff. But... the waiting is over! Finally! Kinda, I can't get a job until after 6 months, is that part. But the big wait is over ❤️

And now we wake up next to eachother every morning, and it's beautiful ❤️❤️

I guess most updates to the site, to get that back to normal too lol (since going on about the wedding and marriage would just be a repetition of "Oh my goodness it's beautiful" and "Love love love love love" over and over and over and over again 😊

Actually, I can't hold that back, give me a minute.

Oh my goodness it's so beautiful and wonderful, we're back together again, the ceremony is done, we're together at last, love love love love love love love love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

So yes, much of that ❤️❤️

The comic! Ok, back to the comic and the site, you'll have noticed that my name below now says KatieLynne Jackson, which I have updated in the tiny text at the bottom of the pages as well. Yah, I took her name, it felt right since I was moving to a new country and all that. Two transwomen in love ❤️❤️

Sorry, the comic again lol. Yes, and the site. So the comic, since the wedding showed up between this comic and the semi-prepared next one, I got the wedding into the comic without disrupting the storyline... at all actually, it worked out fairly well to be honest. Gave MB a little extra time to start clamping armour onto her.

So what's been taking my art time lately? That video game the windmill, which is... VERY time consuming, but we are done floor 11. We don't quite know how tall it is (according to the lore), but there is a ladder going up. So that's what I'm working on these days! I'll get the aforementioned next comic in before the game is done most likely, because aside from the building itself, it's going to take a significant time to actually get all of the items enabled, which I can only do after finishing the building. Html yo lol. I figure this has got another 2-3 months left in it, 5 hours a day style. Most of that is the items though lol.

Lessee, what else we got, other than the game? Actually, that's the majority of it, in the time that we've been waiting for the ceremony. I've been doing some spiritual work, nothing to update on the site, but contacting new Deities. Mainly ones that come up in books or articles or facebook posts, if it's an unfamiliar name, I'll usually call out to Them, say hi, chat for a few. Looking for more pendants, mainly Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine right now, see what else I can find in my travels. So yeah, some spiritual advancement as well.

And otherwise, that about sums up the updates for the past bit. Just... typing a TON of html code, OOHH, and I've gotta say, the English breakfast. Oh my goodness that is the greatest thing in the history of things, and I can't fathom why it's not straight-up commonplace in Canada but it should be. And beans man, beans! That just straight-up makes sense and should be everywhere! Here's a big ol' scoop of protein, delicous and soak-uppable with bread!

And this was a small breakfast, this plate! AND there's two MASSIVE slices of bread to the side, included! AND the large is only 2 pounds more, for the biggest plate!!! IF I could eat it, it's like literally double the amount!

And, AND, I discovered, like within a month of moving here, a new favourite coffee. Like all time favourite! I mentioned it in a song of the day, but Lavazza Super Crema! My previous favourite, Mother Parkers, has been outdone! Lavazza Super Crema is quite close to it, but has just a *bit* more jam to it, just a *bit* more flavour. They're close, and girrrrrl, when I tried this thing, it was like... this is it! This is the coffee that tops Mother Parkers! I immediately went to the front of the cafe (the same cafe we had that breakfast at!) and asked what brand it was. Oh man, you know when you know. So that was a wonderful discovery too! :D

So it's been wonderful since moving here. We're together at long last, and the final wait is done. Now we can begin our lives together ❤️❤️

KatieLynne Jackson & Abby Jackson / Kabutroid & Abby

...and that's the rule, I can't do a thing until I've been in England for over 6 months.
Aw man.
SO... it's making art for me until then. Speaking of, we're off to go do just that. Thanks for the celebration guys, enjoy the rest of your night, and laters!
See you!
Congrats again!
Well that's awesome. They've been waiting ages for this.
Yeah, I'm glad! Things are starting to get a bit back to normal again.

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