I'm sure it's just the wind


We have a few updates for your today! First, we have some incredible fanart by my good friend PJBGamer, whom you might remember from this pic! He went and made an incredible futuristic-style Kabutroid and Abby!!! Oh my goodness, thank you so incredibly much for this!!!!

A futuristic Kabutroid with antennae, a horn that curves around her face, with a Metroid earring dangling from one side, wearing a pink top, holding her hand out to a six-winged fairy Abby, a glowing pink ball with wings and giving off sparkles, who is shining a light over Kabutroid, with a purple starry night in the background.

Also, since he made it while livestreaming (link to his twitch channel here), we have in-progress pics of the piece here ^_^ ^_^

So that's incredible, thank you so much again, we love it ❤️❤️

Other updates, other updates... we've got a little update to the harrow deck of many things page, in that I've gotten the 2e version of the harrow deck! So I've gone on about it a bit in there, and showed some comparisons and stuff.

I've also written a short rhyme about my childhood, The one who grew up in a field, so we've got that up in the bonus section too.

And that's about it for the exact moment. We're doing wonderfully overall (aside from a horrible landlord, working towards moving out), I'm applying to jobs in England (now that we're finally able to, that six month waiting period being over), and things, though slowly, are moving forwards. So awesome awesome, we're together, life moves forwards, the song-a-day continues as ever, and things are looking forwards ^_^ ^_^

Kabutroid and Abby

Elsewhere nearby
YES my minions! With my newly improved armour, I am nearly indestructable!
So what's the plan?
Now... with my total resources being three rinkas and body armour, I do exactly what I can... to DESTROY MY ENEMIES!
*hop* *hop*
Saaay, does anyone hear a rumbling?

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