How to feed the Metroids

Updates and stuff below :)


Well, here's a problem for Ridley and the crew to deal with. I've got a few possible solutions rattling around upstairs here :)

As for updates to the site, WOOOOH! I'd like to thank our newest Zebethian BrotherFlounder for supporting me through Patreon. One step closer to supporting myself through my art :D. You're so awesome and I love you and stuff *HUUUUUGS* <3

There's a few new page additions too! The Jewellery section has a few new earrings in it (I'm wearing the pink power line weave ones now :D), all three new dragons have been added to the Thingies section, a page has been started for my chainmaille haltertop, and since I've swapped to livestreaming knitting again (oh, and the support page has seen some updates too), the knitting section is going to be seeing some updates in the near future too :)

Other than that, nothing much new. Still in hibernation mode, scraping by how I can. Livestreaming may not be fully supporting me yet, but I can sink really, really slowly until it does.

This however allows me to put all of my energy into my livestream and my art in the meantime. I may not be eating a whole lot these days, but I'm still keeping it healthy and keeping on creating :)


Well, that was annoying. Let's go see what Ophelia can do about these things.
Metroids are jerks.
Total jerks.
Complete jerks!
...don't know why they're eating the plants, they normally don't do that.
Ophelia, wonderful, you're out here already. Have you talked to the Metroids?
Whup, hold on a sec.
Ridley, there you are! Umm, yeah, that didn't do too much. Your crops apparently taste good, what can I say?
Figures. Who's back there?
This here's BrotherFlounder, new Zebethian to the planet. They wanna help save the booze.
Hey there.
Welcome aboard. Whatcha make of it?

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