Another hunt begins

Just some some regular updates.


And in a vein similar to Bouncy, we find ourselves needing the help of Speedy the Metroid Herder. Forever protecting the planet from being overrun by the Metroids, Speedy now finds the usual Metroid treading grounds to be quiet and empty.

Otherwise, beating them back with sticks has been known to work in the past. Get more than one or two on you at one though...

We have our new Zebethian BrotherFlounder helping the crew out for now, so he's gonna be kicking around at least slightly. I think I'm going to go with the idea that new Zebethians are just kinda roped into the antics of the comic as they show up :)

Not all that much else of note since the last update. I might try to put out a comic every Monday, but we'll see how that goes. I made this comic shortly after the last one, so I decided to use that as an opportunity to attempt to make a schedule, rather than just post both at once.

Aside from that, I've been continuing to comb the site here and there and fix up any outdated links or references that lead to broken websites. Generally speaking the site should be pretty solid and free of broken links and images, but I'll continue poking around and adding things as I go. I'm constantly adding to the site in various places here and there (mainly chainmaille and knitting), but otherwise I think I've more or less once again caught up my digital life with my real one again (and vice-versa).


Well, I haven't been watching them long, but they seem to like the juicier ones the most.
It's something, thanks. We might be hunting for new plants for them yet.
What about asking them to pick other plants? Does it HAVE to be these?
I can't really reason with 'em like that, to them, food's food.
BAH! Alright, spread out. We need a Samus, a less useless Metroid-thingy, or a better food source. Also a way of directing them once we find it. Our drinking depends on it!
Meanwhile, a certain Metroid-herder begins to wonder why the Metroid relocation area has been so quiet lately

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