Card Sharp's Deck

Ayyyy, a force damage wondrous item!

The Card Sharp's Deck, being held by Kabutroid. The instructions for this magical item are taped to the face of a small stack of cards.

Oh wow, and here I had thought I had nailed down all of the vast multitude of the deck-related items in the Book of Many Things, and cranked out all of the Deck of Many More Things, Dimensions, Miscellany, Oracles, Wild Cards, and Wonder. And then several days after having made (most of) those, I decided to kinda skim through the magic items that came with the book of many things, just the entire list. And wouldn't you know it, we have several more, items that end in the word 'deck' lol, this one, the Fate Dealer's Deck, and the House of Cards. None of these are random-draw decks though, so they'll be pretty easy to make. The last one I want to make removable from the pack though, but we'll get to that when you click on that link lol.

So the Card Sharp's Deck. Interesting item, only an uncommon. You get a 1d8 ranged force damage as much as you want, this thing's basically a d8 cantrip, and you cacn cast the spell Spray of Cards, a 3d10 15 foot cone attack that also blinds the opponent if they don't dodge, so that's pretty sweet! So let's make it :D

A pretty simple build, I basically just stacked up about 17 random extra cards from having made these several builds, pretty much entirely for "this feels like a good thickness" purposes, and taped the instruction page to the front of it. I didn't really want to make the cards removable from a box, since it's really only the second ability of the deck that says "shuffle the deck" to cast spray of cards, and that more or less interferes with the other aspect of the deck, "cards shimmer around the edges". I mean, I could have made this similar to the "boxes" for the Fate Dealer's Decks, but then it's the sides of the box that shimmer and not the cards, so... this annoyed me lol. Nah, let's keep the card edges shimmering, with the application of some eyeshadow for the purposes of 'shimmer', the same as was used for the Harrow deck :D

Another item complete!

Made December 27, 2023 (extra day needed to shimmer edges)