And then....

Woooooooooooah, we've got a toooooooon of updates below. Clearly, in the time between the eating and the boop, Kabutroid has been making art. Also Magick. Yah a few sections got massive updates below.


October 15, 2020
Oh my god, oh mah god. I have done SO much editing, it is hard to comprehend. Ok, let's rattle off a list so there's a convenient string of links to all the new stuff:

In the carving category
We have THUNK, the glorious experiment, the God Staff, the scraggle stick, Vee, my daily use staff, the carriage stick, the Staff of Souls (contains 15 souls), the Spirit Staff, the rest of my staves, the word sticks, Venni's cane, the rebirth of Kabuthunk, the start of a trinkets page, and The Twisted Sisters. Wow. Ok.

In the sewing section, we have
Celine, a seed pouch, my tobacco pouch, another leather pouch!, fixing a glove, more or less just because it was a decent job, a pemmican pouch (whew, lotta pouches), and finally my bear gloves, those things turned out awesome :D

Whew, in the spirituality corner we have
about Kabutroid, my Bible cover, how I meditated with my Deities, my book of shadows, and potions, potions aplenty! Wow, that there's a mouthful. Yah, lots of updates, loooots of updates. Dar, we're done. Looks like we're done. Oh my gosh, I get to think about the future now XD

Alright, we got this. K, so it's like wildly too late to try to swing out another comic strip today, or heaven forb-AH DANGIT, ok, there's another few pages to be added lol. Ok, so we have a diamond willow staff coming shortly down the pike, and a staff named Bruce, so we'll get a placeholder page for those two up in the next several minutes. Update a-coming!

EDIT: There, Gandalf and Bruce, BOOM, done!

Alright, time to rest a minute. I can begin to focus on the future, thank god. I am caught up :D
October 12, 2020
Grunky, little skitters ^_^

WHEW, ok, the Kabucam section is updated and now working (this page specifically was a trainwreck during the 'attempt to upload things from a broken computer' phase), we've got TWO MORE COMICS, WOOOOOH! And now.... I've actually got to work on a hiking staff that is drying out and needs to be dealt with right away, and then we'll tackle the sewing and spirituality sections are next to be updated. They may not show anything if you click on this like... today, but over the next 3 or so days I plan to polish that off. Wish me luck!

Once those two sections are done, and the carving section is up to date, then things can return to normal ^_^

Actually on that note, I would *love* to update the titles for those pages, but lack the imaging prowess to do it right now. As of present my goal is to get those pages in and of themselves working, and then update the title images. Like... I can do better, c'mon. We'll get there.

Close... we're getting close.

EEEEEEEEEEEE, working computer ^_^ ^_^ ^_^


Do they have ANY idea how hard it is to grow- I SPENT SIX YEARS ON THIS THING! SIX! They will be crushed, that is all.
*hop* *hop*
Bah. Alright, let's get that started, and then... and then...
*jump* *flip*

Most sprites are property of Nintendo, who are awesome and and amazing and stuff, and also this is a parody and also it's always ever been free.
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